The previous en-suite layout was a real jumble of pieces with two separate vanity units and a built-in bath that took up a lot of floorspace.  I replaced the bath with a deep free-standing one that looks like a bath you might find in a day sap, positioning it on an angle to make better use of the space.


The long streamlined vanity cabinet provides a lot more storage than usual, and yet, because it floats above the floor, doesn't look too bulky or solid.  Round above-counter basins, tap-ware and the bath add soft shapes, contrasting with all the straight lines elsewhere.  As there was already plenty of light, a window behind the new vanity was closed off in preference for tall mirror panels and a dark central tiled feature.  The mix of cream and browns is a nice neutral warm colour scheme - not too stark or cold, which often happens in bathrooms with too much gloss white.

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