Why Call Me

I am an independent freelance designer, specialising in kitchen design. I also design bathrooms, laundries, home offices and wardrobes.

I love creating functional spaces you will be proud to show off to family and friends. I take into consideration the whole house and what would suit your existing decor. The kitchen needs to reflect your taste, not mine. I’m there to guide you through the maze of options available.

I have been designing these spaces for 30+ years – and for many of those years it was in the ‘kitchen industry’. Because I was never happy being constrained by the limitations of kitchen/bathroom companies, I have branched out as an independent designer. 

I can now take the time to sit and listen to what it is you really need and want. Then design the space/storage without worrying about whether it fits a particular manufacturer’s sizes. 

Design first then find the manufacturer to suit.

It’s a different approach to the accepted practice of getting three (or more) kitchen companies and/or cabinetmakers to quote on a new kitchen. 

They will all come up with a different design and so you have no way of comparing one with the other properly. You may like another’s price but not their quality. You may like one person but you’re not sure what it is you’re actually getting in the kitchen they have designed. 

They won’t leave you with plans to study. Not unless you sign a contract to purchase a kitchen from them. And this all takes time. By ironing out all the problems and then getting quotes on the one design solution, you are saving that valuable time.

I studied Interior Design at RMIT and have since completed other related courses on specialised Kitchen Design and Bathroom Design.

I am a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD), qualifications dependent upon completion of specialist training courses, industry experience with ongoing training and product research.

I have extensive experience in designing bathrooms, laundries, home offices and wardrobes and as an extremely practical person I can optimise any storage space in the home. I am a member of the new body covering specialist designers – The Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Institute (KBDI).

With many years of working in various roles with cabinetmakers and kitchen companies, I bring a very unique outlook to any design project I undertake. Recent overseas travel to see new products and ideas has inspired me to find ways to incorporate and adapt them to the Australian lifestyle.

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